Grow your 2020 year-end stokvel pay out.

You’re a lending stokvel and a cash injection will help grow your stokvel balance.

If you’d like to improve the pay outs for members, chat to us. Spoon is the stokvel tool which helps kick-start your earnings so you can grow your balance.

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Why use Spoon?

  • We give your stokvel the cash injection it needs.
  • Your stokvel makes money on the loan Spoon provides.
  • 30-day loans only.
  • We back up the stokvel book digitally, so your records are safe.
  • Information is safe and secure.


We will soon be introducing rewards to encourage and reward good saving behaviour!

Invite other stokvels to join Spoon

Get R10 airtime by inviting another stokvel to join Spoon. For every stokvel you refer and that registers, we’ll give you and the registering member R10 airtime. It’s win-win-win.

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Ready to move your stokvel into the digital era?

  • Full transparency.
  • Access to loans to grow your stokvel.
  • Safe and successful.

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